The Human Resources function is charged with assuring that a company’s human capital strategy supports the business strategy. The leader of this function not only has to understand the key business drivers in the industry but also must know how to build an organization that will compete and succeed. He/she must help the CEO understand the competitive talent marketplace and be an expert in how to assess, motivate, reward, and retain the best talent possible to grow an efficient organization.

The challenge in searching for the Chief Human Resources Officer is to find a true strategic business partner who also knows how to put the best processes in place and build a culture that is competitive, efficient, and compliant with government regulations. Increasingly the CHRO must be experienced in managing remotely as administrative HR functions are outsourced and as companies expand globally.

Our search consultants have experience recruiting Heads of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Talent Management. We stay abreast of developments in the HR field by participating in leading HR organizations, attending conferences, and surveying clients. We know the leading companies and we use them as benchmarks.