Closing Bell

Discussing topics such as the economy, gift-giving and corporate spending — Dale Winston, CEO of Battalia Winston, is joined by …

Company Holiday Parties Are What They Use To Be

UNDATED – It is not all lavish dinners and free drinks at office
holiday parties.
Some companies say they will donate to charity for natural
disaster relief this year in conjunction with their annual employee fete …

BWI in Interbiznet Bugler

According to Battalia Winston International, 87 percent of businesses will be
conducting some type of holiday celebration this year.B

Hiring Outlook 2004

Hiring is occurring now, although it’s “replacement” rather than “expansion” hiring. Companies are being opportunistic and are trying to replace employees with better talent from the outside. In general, companies are maintaining 2003 staffing levels or adding conservatively. The industries that are seeing a pickup: health care, investment banking, business services, and industrial and defense-related …