Dale Winston Quoted in Fortune’s “9 Tips to Land Your Dream Job”

Dale Winston, Battalia Winston’s chairwoman and CEO, recently contributed her expertise to Fortune‘s Erika Fry for her article, “9 Tips to Land your Dream Job.”  Fry compiled tips from leading talent experts on  how to “fine-tune your career and land the perfect job—now.”

Here’s an article excerpt and Dale’s tip:

Appoint your own board.

Network, of course, but Dale Winston, chairwoman and CEO of Battalia Winston, an executive search firm, advises people to go further by creating their own personal board of directors made up of trusted professionals they’ve worked with previously. “Identify a group of three or four people you can consult on a regular basis,” says Winston. She recommends casting former bosses, peers, or executive consultants like herself to help you think through questions like “How can I enhance myself?” and “Is this the right time to make a move?”