5 Questions Chief Data Officers Must Answer for Effective Results

Battalia Winston partners Walter McGuigan and Joe Carideo recently collaborated with Roy Lowrance, Managing Director of NYU’s Center for Data Science, to contribute an article to FierceRetailIT, “5 Questions Chief Data Officers Must Answer for Effective Results.”

The authors respond to the most pressing challenges for retailers attempting to leverage big data — among them, Think big: What could we accomplish if we had the right data?

Their response: “Big data initiatives often focus on using existing data–data that companies and their partners already collect–and integrating it in new ways to learn more about customers, processes and products. But the most effective big data leaders will be able to tackle a new challenge that we’re calling applications conceptualization–envisioning what could be done if the right data was available. This forethought requires a keen understanding of the business’s objectives and a thorough understanding of what data is available and how it can be collected. Someone with this strategic vision must also be able to straddle the science/R&D and the marketing/sales functions–a critical skill in the new, big-data powered retail and CPG world.”

Read the full article here.