Job Hunters, Look Before You Move

Americans have been casting a wider geographic net when looking for work in today’s tough job market. And even as a recovery materializes, it’s possible that more of them will consider moving for a paycheck.

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When a Background Check Reveals a Misdemeanor

A close friend was laid off in January. She is an educated, smart, professional, high performer and team player who has climbed the corporate ladder. She has also been a battered wife for many years. In 1995, she had enough of the abuse and hit her husband with a briefcase. He decided to call the police on her and she now has a misdemeanor on her record. When she applies for an executive …

A Woman CEO’s View: No, You Can’t Have It All

In corporate America, for all the cracks that have cut into the glass ceiling, a female executive still has a very different role and responsibility from her male counterparts. That’s simply the reality. There are several possible paths for the high-potential executive woman who wants it all, but each involves a tradeoff.