Taking the Web 2.0 route to green tech Posted by Martin LaMonica

…The green Web reflects growing awareness of environmental issues. With the growth of social-networking sites, getting the word out online is a natural, particularly for younger people for whom socializing online is second nature. MakeMeSustainable released a Facebook application in December.
For people with …

8 ways to recession-proof your job

Worried your employer might cut your position in a downturn? Fortune’s Anne Fisher offers tips to help you avoid the ax, and how to keep your career afloat if you don’t.

By Anne Fisher, Fortune senior writer
January 31, 2008

(Fortune) — … with the ripple effect of the mortgage mess still spreading, consumer spending in a …

Diversity Policies: Toothless Tigers?

A new survey of global senior executives finds that a majority of companies have either one or no minorities in their executive ranks, despite the fact that more than half the companies have official “diversity in the workplace” policies. What would Martin Luther King Jr. think?

By Michael Felton-O’Brien

…There’s a simple …

MARKET TALK: Brokerage Hiring Will Be More Focused In 2008

January 10, 2007
Edited by Paul Vigna

3:36 (Dow Jones) Hiring in the retail brokerage industry is going to be a lot more selective in 2008, says Jeff Greene of executive search firm Battalia Winston. “There’s going to be an overemphasis on the ability to manage relationships in …