Family-Owned Businesses Transition and Succession Recruiting Experts

After remaining in their companies through the great recession, many baby boomers are beginning to consider retirement and organizations are looking to younger talent to take care of  businesses nurtured and built for decades. Recent studies show that GenXers are – in general – not as drawn to family-run businesses as their parents’ generation. As a result, many of these companies are turning from a family-managed to family-owned model with professional management.

As their leadership needs evolve, family-owned businesses must attract and retain executives who are committed to growing the company’s legacy. To find the right individuals, family-owned businesses need recruiting partners who understand the nuances of attracting top talent during times of transition, including the importance of proactive succession planning, long-term incentive plans and cultural fit.

Our Family-Owned Business Practice

Battalia Winston’s family-owned business division is led by recruiting experts with more than 30 years of experience. We work directly with company leadership as well as outside advisors (compensation consultants, private equity sponsors, etc.). Our experts understand governance as it applies to family-owned businesses and have placed more than 125 candidates in family businesses in the last decade.