When an organization embarks on an expansion of its leadership team, the choices it makes throughout the recruitment process will have long-lasting impacts on the company, its staff and its stakeholders. For more than fifty years, organizations of all sizes and in all industries have turned to Battalia Winston to guide them through this mission-critical period. Our expertise in executive search, succession and organization planning, executive onboarding and communicating leadership changes makes us an ally and an asset to our clients. 

Our Executive Search Process

A Battalia Winston partner with extensive expertise in your industry leads each executive search assignment. Your partner is supported by an unrivaled team of researchers, carefully assembled for each search based on industry knowledge and experience with comparable searches. Other partners are available to provide additional expertise, as needed.

We begin each executive search by meeting extensively with the existing leadership team to fully understand the company’s culture and long-term goals. After defining needs and position requirements, your Battalia Winston partner combines market intelligence with original and customized research to develop a tailored search strategy.

Our partners leverage their deep relationships with high-performing leaders worldwide and our best-in-class database to identify the most qualified executive talent for our clients.

Executive Recruiting with Battalia Winston: Why We’re Different

  • Our partner-led approach: A Battalia Winston partner directly manages the complete search process from beginning to end. The Partner serves as clients’ main point of contact and is personally invested in the recruitment process, from developing position specifications to vetting candidates to new-hire onboarding.
  • Breadth and flexibility: Because our Partners have expertise in multiple industries, we are able to tailor our approach to each search, freely adopting ideas and strategies from all areas without the limitations inherent in a one-industry specialist.
  • Support of contract negotiations and employer branding: Using our understanding of current market conditions, Battalia Winston helps clients craft the most competitive offers, develop long-term talent retention strategies and position themselves as employers of choice in their industries.
  • Reduced “off-limits” issues: As a mid-sized firm that carefully manages our client roster, we are not encumbered by vast client lists that hinder our ability to conduct a complete search or access the best talent on the market.
  • Commitment to diversity: To operate successfully in today’s marketplace, executive talent must reflect the cultural, ethnic and gender diversity of your target audiences. Battalia Winston has been a pioneer in diversity and inclusion within the executive search industry and delivers an inclusive slate of candidates for every search.