A Better Fit

A company is only as good as its leadership. An executive team can make or break a business, and finding high-performing executive talent – individuals who can drive change, accelerate growth, and build a culture that attracts talent at all levels – is no easy feat.

Through our partner-hands on, client-centric approach, Battalia Winston helps our clients develop unparalleled leadership teams. Integral to our success is this belief: that our goal is not just to find the best person for the job – but the best job for the person.  We are dedicated to finding candidates who are not only qualified, but whose careers will be enhanced by the opportunity the position offers.

Partner-Led Approach

Our clients come to us because they know that they will be working with senior, experienced professionals throughout the engagement. Our Partners lead the entire search process, from the initial needs analysis to the custom candidate research, through the interview and candidate evaluation process, compensation negotiation and post-hire onboarding. There is never a hand-off to a junior staff member.

Though we leverage the latest technologies in the recruiting industry, we have been in the search business long enough to know which methods are truly effective. We rely on proven strategies, not passing trends. Each of our experts pairs a work ethic with forward-thinking market insights to find the best and brightest talent in their area of expertise.

Our partners are highly skilled in assessing senior executives and look beyond the technical criteria of each search to identify a candidate’s critical soft skills and personal attributes. Through our vast network of professional connections and precise understanding of each client’s company culture, our executive search experts find the right candidate fit for each client.

A significant advantage of remaining a mid-sized executive search firm is that we are able to be responsive, flexible and nimble. This flexibility allows us to gain a true understanding of our clients’ cultures, as well as the competitive landscape within each industry and market. We help clients close the deal and ensure that they are recruiting the best leaders and building a high-performing executive team that will enable the organization to grow.