From the largest, global manufacturer of pipeline coatings for land and offshore applications, to recent acquisitions  (a high growth manufacturer and developer of spoolable, composite pipe) to distributors of OCTGs and tubular components, Battalia Winston is involved in high profile talent acquisition.

Breakthrough technologies such as directional drilling are transforming the organizational structure, new product development, global sales and marketing strategies and the positioning of manufacturing / distribution worldwide. With consolidation, the expansion of E&P activity, and the quest for modern sources of hydrocarbon compounds setting a new mandate for oil and energy executives, the pool of highly qualified leaders with global experience is finite and very much in demand.

Battalia Winston’s Oil & Gas Practice is engaged in identifying, recruiting and relocating OFS and related industry talent to global markets such as EMEA, South America (including Argentina), Australia and China. The Firm has been developing this Practice since the early 2000’s and it has since grown to include ~10 worldwide engagements per year. With a focus on senior level, high profile search assignments, we address client needs at the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President and Vice President / General Manager levels.  The Practice’s clients include ‘mid cap’ OFS competitors and entrepreneurial small cap companies with unique market niches (e.g. General Plastics & Composites).

Each consultant in the Oil & Gas Practice brings deep industry knowledge and 20+ years of global executive search experience to each assignment. In addition to meeting clients’ leadership needs, the Practice also offers Leadership Assessment services to both candidates and existing employees.