Few industries have experienced the sort of rapid structural change now facing the media industry. One thing is certain: in the not-too-distant future, consumers and business leaders alike will consume content in ways we cannot today imagine.

In the wake of this wrenching transition, where do media companies find the talent to lead their businesses? Battalia Winston is at the forefront of finding and recruiting top-flight executives who deliver proven results. Our Media & Entertainment Practice works with both new and traditional media companies, although increasingly our work focuses on finding executives with digital experience.

We service a wide variety of segments within the media industry including Consumer and B-2-B Publishing, Internet, Entertainment, Education, Technology, Television, Video Games, E-commerce, Marketing Services, Mobile and Tradeshows & Events.

Although real talent is always in short supply, competition is particularly keen in the digital space where demand outstrips supply. Battalia Winston’s experience can make the difference in making the right hire. We have made it our business to know the key business leaders and can deliver unrivaled access to talent.