Structural, regulatory changes and industry consolidation are driving further need for executives who can think clearly about new market opportunities and the transition to the next growth phase. More than ever, the financial services sector requires leaders who can quickly adapt to change and understand how to deal with a myriad of global pressures. Doing so while maintaining high profitability and a positive image of the financial services companies they work for is key.

Consultants in Battalia Winston’s Financial Practice have experience recruiting executives at every level and position within the financial services industry all around the world. We have placed high performance finance executives at institutional investment firms, hedge funds, wealth managers, insurance companies, retail banks, corporate banks, investment banks and private equity firms.

We find the global-level executives that would find themselves at home in New York, London, Zurich, Singapore or Bucharest, who, at the same time, are an ideal fit for our client’s local requirements / local context. We help inform candidates about our clients’ firms, building a comfort level in this crisis environment, and work with you to set expectations and shape the opportunity. Working with closely with you now, we can help you set the foundation for growth that will inevitably follow the end of this particular part of the business and economic cycle.