Battalia Winston serves the expanding needs of its global clients by providing integrated multinational searches. Through well-established relationships in Europe, South America and Asia, we offer clients the advantages of both global presence and local knowledge.

We are committed to providing industry-specific expertise from our domestic practice areas to searches we conduct in every region of the world. Indeed, we believe that in today’s increasingly competitive global market, in-depth knowledge of a particular industry or discipline is requisite to success.

Combining our own expertise with that of a local specialist, we offer our global clients strategic search services that are not only highly targeted but seamlessly coordinated.

With over 50 years of experience working globally, Battalia Winston is well-versed in conducting borderless searches. We have the capability of working with clients in all parts of the world. From our U.S. offices, we have performed searches in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Canada. There are also times when it is best to serve a client by using our local resources to provide global services. Understanding the needs of our clients has always been paramount and we strive to serve specific needs with the most efficient processes.