• Battalia & Associates takes a leading role in the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), as one of the 16 original companies included (today has 260 members, and counting),

    which sets standards for the emerging executive search industry. Battalia Winston is one of the only firms that still remain from the originals listed (1967).

  • The first office (and Headquarters) is opened at 275 Madison Avenue in New York (1963).
  • The Firm is founded as O. William Battalia & Associates by Bill. Bill acquires ITT as his first client (1963).
  • Battalia, Lotz & Associates is listed as one of the “50 Leading Executive Search Firms” in Executive Recruiter News (1979).
  • Battalia, Lotz & Associates start to flood the press with many articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek, Personnel Journal, Dun’s Review, and many more for

    notable growth, insight, and accomplishments.

  • Bill Battalia authors a book called “The Corporate Eunuch” which was published by Abelard-Schuman Limited in London, and Thomas Crowell in NY (1973).
  • The Firm develops the very first Holiday Party Survey, which is now an annual research tradition (1989).
  • In recognition of Dale Winston’s significant contribution to the growth of the organization, Dale was promoted and named President of the Firm (1986).
  • Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Dale Winston joins Bill Battalia as a Partner (1983), thus accelerating the growth of the Firm.
  • The Firm’s name is changed to Battalia & Associates, Inc. (1980).
  • The Firm expands internationally by developing partnerships in major industrial and financial centers around the world.
  • John Ebeling joins Battalia Winston International, Inc. as a Partner covering industrial, technology and leading oil & gas businesses (1999).
  • Battalia Winston International is ranked fifteenth in the Hunt Scanlon list of “Top Executive Search Firms in the U.S.” (1999).
  • Dale Winston assumes the position of Chairwoman and CEO (1997).
  • In recognition of his many contributions, Terence Gallagher is promoted to President of the Firm (1997).
  • Rich Folts joins Battalia Winston International, Inc. as a Partner covering a broad range of industries including consumer packaged goods, automotive, professional services, utilities,

    and heavy manufacturing (1997).

  • Bill Battalia retires after 33 years of entrepreneurship (1996).
  • The Firm creates the “Consensus-based” search process (1995).
  • Terence Gallagher is promoted to Executive Vice President (1994).
  • The Firm’s name is changed to Battalia Winston International, Inc. (1991).
  • Terence Gallagher joins the Firm as a Partner covering financial services, industrial, professional services and technology industry sectors (1991).
  • Geographic expansion leads the Firm to open offices in Boston, MA (1996), Chicago, IL (1994) and Edison, NJ (1991).
  • The Firm marks 10 years of inclusion on Executive Recruiting News’ list of “50 Leading Executive Search Firms” (1990).
  • Jo Bennett joins Battalia Winston International, Inc. as a Partner covering professional services, financial services, and not-for-profit organizations (1990).
  • With a growth rate of 50%, the Firm is named the Fastest Growing Executive Search Firm nationally by Executive Recruiter News and locally by Crain’s NY Business.

  • Kathryn Griffin joins Battalia Winston as a Partner covering legal, risk, compliance and finance (2008).
  • Dale Winston and Terry Gallagher appear on BusinessWeek’s list of the 100 Most Influential Headhunters in the World (2008).
  • Battalia Winston International is designated as the largest female-owned search firm in the world (2007).
  • Battalia Winston International is ranked as the 12th largest executive search firm in the U.S. (2007).
  • Battalia Winston International expands further and opens an office in Washington, D.C. (2007).
  • Adam Millinger becomes a Partner in the Life Sciences Practice (2006).
  • Dale Winston is presented with the most prestigious Gardner Heidrick award by the AESC; Dale is only the second woman to have ever won the award (2003).
  • Gil Carrara joins Battalia Winston as a Partner in the Life Sciences Practice; Adam Millinger joins as Principal (2001).
  • Having outgrown the Park Avenue Headquarters, Battalia Winston International moves to 555 Madison Avenue (2000).
  • Joe Carideo joins Battalia Winston International, Inc. as a Partner covering consumer and retail businesses (2000).

  • Battalia Winston celebrates its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1963 by William Battalia, Battalia Winston was one of the early firms that helped shape the retained executive search

    industry (2013).

  • Battalia Winston forms Transatlantic executive search alliance with the London-based Inzito Partnership (2013).
  • Susan Medina and Peter Gomez join Battalia Winston as Partners to lead the Diversity & Inclusion Practice (2011).
  • Battalia Winston is quoted and mentioned in several publications including: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsday, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, BusinessWeek,

    ABC, Fox News, New York Times and Reuters, among others.

  • Bruce Walton joins Battalia Winston as a Partner covering industrial, technology and family-owned businesses (2010).
  • Battalia Winston establishes a Leadership Consulting Practice in partnership with Caliper Corporation, a leading human capital management assessment and development firm (2010).