Every art has a medium – oil paints, watercolors, clay, marble and bronze. For the art of executive search, the medium is people. To succeed in this challenging and rewarding industry, it takes experience, vision and talent. The artistry of blending a new personality into an organization must also be supported by the skillful use of a number of tools and disciplines. These methodologies comprise the science of executive search. Without the science, a search firm’s performance will lack substance. Without the art, the performance will be merely mundane.

At Battalia Winston, we’ve been fine tuning both the art and the science of executive search for more than 50 years. In a profession where success generates repeat business, our longevity is not just a measure of our commitment to succeed but also of the trust we’ve earned from our many clients. Trust is at the heart of our long-lasting client relationships – and it’s built on our record of proven results.

Also integral to our success is the belief that our goal is not just to find the best person for a job, but the best job for the person. We are dedicated to finding candidates who are not only qualified, but whose careers will be enhanced by the opportunity the position offers. Because the true measure of our success in practicing the art and science of executive search lies not only in successful placements, but in successful people.